Private German Lessons

What are the benefits of private German lessons?

For anyone who wants to learn German efficiently and quickly the best option is a private German course. In a short time you can conduct conversations in German, improve your pronunciation or practice grammatical subtleties. Some people just prefer one to one tuition in their German course. This is available to students of all standards (A1-C2).

This is a very intensive learning experience.

  • You learn a lot faster as a private student;
  • You participate more;
  • The challenge is greater;
  • You have more control over what you study and what topics or grammar points are discussed or studied;
  • You get individual attention from your teacher.

Send us an inquiry for a private German course as one-to-one lessons or as private German  group course.

How much does a private German tutor cost?

As a private student you can take any amount of lessons a week you like. A single private lesson costs € 100. If you do 10 or 20 German units you get a discount.

German private course for one person (10 units): € 800
German private course for an individual (20 units): € 1500

For private German group courses, please send us an e-mail.

In addition, you can attend the DIT's leisure programs. Three times a week students meet for hiking, skiing, an entertaining evening program, or conversation classes over a cosy coffee in the beautiful medieval town of Kitzbühel. Of course during all leisure programs we only speak in German.

The accommodation is not included in the price. The prices for single rooms vary between € 35 and € 92 per night depending on the season, the sort of room you wish to book and their availability in the different B&Bs. DIT can book and confirm the booking for you. The fees for the rooms are to be paid directly at the pension or hotel or by transfer or together with the course fee to the agent.


Our strengths
  • .Standard German
  • .1 to maximum 6 students per class
  • .Kitzbühel is a world famous ski resort
  • .Open all year
  • .Begin on any Monday
  • .Every age group over 18.  Seniors very welcome