Learn German in Kitzbühel

LEARN GERMAN IN AUSTRIA - TYROL - KITZBÜHEL - in one of the most beautiful areas of the German speaking world.  DIT exists since January 1981 and is a small language school for German in the Tyrolen Alps close to Germanys/Bavarias boarder between Munich, Innsbruck and Salzburg.  We have an average of 3 learners of the German language above 18 years per class in very spacious classrooms.  We watch carefully a "Corona-distance" of 2 meters between students.  On May 19th 2021 our lockdown has come to its end.  Whether you look for a German language course for foreigners because of your profession or you want to combine a German course with holidays - we offer that for 40 years, now.  Learn German/make a holiday course in German in one of the most beautiful areas of the German speaking world - in the Tyrolean Alps in its most renowned ski, sports and vacation place - in Kitzbühel.  Learn German with Austrian and German native speakers.

Infos about corona:  https://www.sozialministerium.at/en.html


We offer German language courses all year round.  You can combine your German course with some outstanding free time activities. 

Learn German in the Austrian Alps in combination with a holiday and practise skiing or snowboarding from mid October towards beginning of May.

Learn German in Austria/in the Alps and hike in our mountains, enjoy a German course and golf, German and tennis, German and riding and a lot more, from May to October.

Since January 1981, under the motto “small is beautiful”, we’ve been offering German courses in very small groups in the world famous sport and holiday resort of Kitzbühel in the Tyrolean Alps.  Kitzbühel is 100 km south of Munich as the bird flies and only an hour from Salzburg and Innsbruck.

Learning the German language in a German speaking country is acknowledged as being the most effective way to learn.  Get away from the big cities and enjoy your German course in the mountains, and combine your learning with winter sports or summer activities.  Our Austrian and German teachers look forward to hearing from you!

Our strengths
  • .Standard German
  • .1 to maximum 6 students per class
  • .Kitzbühel is a world famous ski resort
  • .Open all year
  • .Begin on any Monday
  • .Every age group over 18.  Seniors very welcome