Private German Lessons

Some people prefer one to one tuition. This is available to students of all standards, and you can opt either to take private lessons in addition to the DIT Weekly Intensive Group Course, or to have all your lessons on a private basis.

If you have special topics that you would like covered in your lessons, then you are of course free to ask for these. It would help us a lot if you could discuss these requirements in advance by email to Hans so that we can ensure that your teacher is properly prepared for your lessons.
If you would like more information about these special programmes, please email us at

Price:  € 100 per private 45 min. lesson

Accommodation:  To be booked separately.  Prices depend on the pension you choose/where we book for you and vary from € 40 to € 64 per day with breakfast.


Our strengths
  • .Standard German
  • .1 to maximum 6 students per class
  • .Kitzbühel is a world famous ski resort
  • .Open all year
  • .Begin on any Monday
  • .Every age group over 18.  Seniors very welcome